Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pondering Meme's: Seven Random Things About Me

Although 50 years old, I am always ready to learn something new. Thank you, Ashley.

Here are the rules:
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Tell them the rules.
If they have a blog, include it.
Make sure the people you tag, know they’ve been tagged.

Seven Random Things About John

1. I cannot stand it when people are impolite to strangers. For instance, one needs to say “please” and “thank you” when dealing with people. Being nice isn’t limited to the people we know. There is nothing more irritating than to hold the door for someone only to have them march right through the door and never even acknowledge your presence or show a sliver of gratitude.

2. I love mustard on corn. It is so good. The next time you have some corn for supper, get the jar of mustard from the refrigerator door and squeeze a little out on the corn. Open your mind. Mix the corn and the mustard. Give it a try.

3. I once bit the head off a chicken. One part of my military training required us to kill and eat a chicken at the end. They didn’t really care if we ate the chicken or not, but they watched carefully to see that we “bit” the head off. After killing the chicken, I cleaned it and made a Chicken and Vegetable Soup. Some of the soldiers put the entire Chicken’s head in their mouth, but I was afraid my chicken would peck my teeth before I could bite its head off.

4. I am a night person. I can stay up much better than I can get up. Some of my most productive work is done in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is sleeping. Furthermore, as a general rule, I do not like morning people who do not or cannot understand my night person status. These people get up all chipper and loud. If you want to be a morning person fine, but don’t disrespect my night person status.

5. I love reading Westerns. As I write this, I feel somewhat ashamed as I have not read a Western in a year or two. Louis L’Amour is my favorite Western writer. I have all his books, even his first book which was a book of poetry. I would love to get my hands on some of the work he did in Pulp magazines. Although L’Amour is my favorite, I will read anything Western.

6. I eat my food by certain rules. Rule 1: everything has its place on the plate and no other food should violate this place. Mashed Potatoes go here, the steak there, and the mixed vegetables next to the potatoes. Rule 2: Each food item must be eaten individually. I eat salad first, then vegetables, then meat. Sometimes, just for a change, I reverse the order. However, reversing the order will often cause me to become disoriented and irritable. Rule 3: Dessert does not have any particular order. I can eat it before the meal…during the meal…after the meal, and sometimes all three. I do not always have dessert, but I always think about it.

7. I am a storehouse of useless information. One of my curses in life is that I seldom forget anything. I may not always remember the source, but the information is readily available. I think I would do well on some game show. Once, when my children were small, they recognized this amazing talent of mine and started calling me Chief A Lot A Bull.

As a new blogger, I am proud to have had this opportunity to experience the Meme. However, I’m not sure I want to experience it again. Telling things about me like this is not very comforting.

Whose next?

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D.M. McGowan said...

My 'Partners' is a western, although it might be located in an area you are not familliar with. It is also designed to be entertainment as I wrote about in a post I did a while ago.
Speaking of which, it's time I posted something new