Monday, September 28, 2009

Pondering Her 50 Years

I've known her for nearly 36 years, and I've been married to her for nearly 32 years. But, I have never gotten her quite like I did on her 50th Birthday.

Her mom and sisters planned a great party, complete with "over the hill" decorations, a casket, and a tombstone for a cake. It was perfect. Our sons were not able to make it into town which seemed to really depress her. Then, her mom made her believe that her sisters were not going to make it into town. THEN, I was scheduled to work on the night of her birthday party. I was honestly concerned for her mental well-being. She was turning 50 and longed to have her husband, her sons, and her sisters at the 50th anniversary celebration of her birth. Although the party was not a surprise, the wife had a lot of surprises in store for her.

Her sisters revealed. On Friday night, I took Debbie to the auction to be with her mom and dad (auction fanatics). Here is where her sister, Pam, sprang the first surprise on her. She was standing outside the auction and called Debbie on her cellphone. Then while talking to Debbie, Pam made her way inside the auction building. Debbie's face just lit up! At least, Pam was going to be at her party.

On Saturday, Rhonda's (Debbie's youngest sister) surprise was slightly marred by Debbie's 94 year old grandfather when he said, "What time is Rhonda getting here?" Debbie's keen hearing and sharp mind (even after 50 years) caught that piece of information.

Her last surprise was still to come. I was able to make arrangements with fellow workers to get me off work so I could attend her party. Pam borrowed a Grim Reaper outfit from one of her co-workers and had me wear it. And, wear it I did.

I dressed in the outfit and put a baby's pillow ring around my neck to break up my body outline. It worked perfectly! Debbie walked in the gym and looked over the decorations. She thought I was just a "stuffed" Grim Reaper. She had no idea I was beneath the suit.

Then we sprung it on her. My brother caught the moment on his camera. We pulled off one of the best surprises ever (normally Debbie figures everything out). I am grateful to Debbie's mom and sisters for putting this party together, to Tammy (Debbie's sister-in-law) for coordinating invitations to church members and desserts, and Mike (my brother) for doing some great photography.

Happy 50th Birthday, Debbie. Gotcha!