Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pondering Writer's Block

For years I've disagreed with those who would suggest that a writer could get to a point when he or she could not write, a condition many call--Writer's Block. My stance concerning the issue was simply this, it isn't that the writer COULD not write, but that the writer WOULD not write. I still believe as I have always believed.

Writers harbor many fears. For some the fear is of rejection. Others fear if they write their readers may not like the story or idea presented. Whatever the fear, it is the fear that keeps them from writing. I know this is true because I suffer from the ailment.

I have stories burning within me that I do not not write. I do not write them because I am afraid no one will publish them. Or if they are published, the only copies sold will be those purchased by me to give to family and friends on Christmas.

Another fear holding me back is that someone will think poorly of me because of the verbage I use or the nature of the content I write. As part of a writing group project, I once wrote a story that was published in a small anthology that we sold to raise money for the group. Do you know how many people asked me if the events in the story were real? I'm not sure the exact number, but I'm certain it was around a million.

Perhaps trying to list all the fears that lurk inside the writer's mind is too overwhelming. Besides it is not my intention of this writing to actually try and accomplish such a monumental task. My purpose is to confess that these fears are real inside me. The thought of facing my fears is horrifying. But, face them I will. Today I am slowly drawing my warriors blade from its dusty sheath, and I will slay the fears that bind me. I will write. I will communicate. I will spin my stories like a giant spider's web in an attempt to catch a listening ear or an inquiring soul.

I'm a writer. And by golly, I'm going to write!