Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pondering Elections

Elections are those "necessary evil" things that have helped to make our country great! However, I have been pondering a few questions about the election process that trouble me. These questions are not so much about "process" as they are about the "philosophy" behind the process. I am going to share my questions with you. If you feel like answering a question or two then have at it. If you feel like answering them all...I'm all ears.

Why is this a country in which the poorest among us can become President, but only rich people are elected?

Why do election campaigns start out discussing ideas and end up personal attacks about age, wealth, race, religion, etc...?

Why do we have to show our personal identification, register our name on a ballot number, and then claim the elections are by secret ballot?

How come the will of the people (popular vote) can be overturned by the will of the few (electorial vote)?

How can a process intented to bring about unity cause so much disharmony?

Why do people believe their "one" vote will not matter?

Why do people refuse to vote and then complain about the winner?

Why is it that ever single person elected, nationally or locally, is ridiculed?

Any answers to these questions are worth pondering, don't you think? I do.