Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pondering Change

Today it has been cold in Southern Indiana. The snow has fallen, but chose to leave us before covering the ground. The white flakes gently falling to the earth excited me...fasinated me. It seems like only a moment ago that I was complaining about how hot it was. That's change.

I listen to some talk about how if they had it their way it would always be Summer or Winter, etc. Yet, everyone knows that change is inevitable. A wise person once said the only thing that doesn't change is that change happens (or something like that). So tell me why we live our lives acting like nothing is going to change, and yet, striving daily to change things?

We are never satisfied with the way things are. We want change in our jobs, our salaries, our cars, our houses, our health, and on and on and on. I recently turned 50 years old. I didn't want to turn 50. I do not want to think of me getting older, of not being able to run like I used to run, do the things I used to do, or of me closing in on my departure from this earth.

Frankly, I'm afraid of change. I fear it mostly because of the "unknown" factor. I don't know if the change that is occuring is going to be better or worse than what I have now. Have you ever worked hard for a change in your life only to find that when it happened it wasn't what you thought it would be? Have you ever shocked your own ears by saying something like, "I wish things were like they used to be?" That "unknown" factor is what makes me tremble.

Sitting here now in the middle of the night typing this post, I'm pondering change. I don't want to move. I've bought the house I plan to die in. What I want is a new job. I'm tired of working in the restaurant industry (and I have only been in it for about five years). I'm tired of working rediculous hours. I'm tired of going for days without seeing my wife. Don't get me wrong. I am thankful for my job. It pays the bills. I would be foolish not to be glad I have a job when millions are being laid off or fired. I just want to change jobs. Even saying that brings a tinge of dread to my heart. While I want a new job, the fear of going to a new job scares me.

However, change is going to happen. I have to learn to work with my natural fear of change, or better yet, to make it work for me. You see, we can't live our lives trying to avoid change or only acting when we know for certain the circumstances are just right for change. We have to change and then work to insure the changes are positive. Perhaps instead of fearing change or wishing that change would not occur, we should embrace it. Relish it. Adore it. Seek it. Chose it.

Nothing can stop change. It happens everyday in each of our lives. Today...I am going to change, and I am going to enjoy it. I am not going to fear change anymore. I am going to revel in all that change has to offer, whether good or bad, positive or negative.

Do you know anyone who is hiring?

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