Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Within these "ponderings" you will find my heart and soul.

Inspired by my son's blogs (www.joeymustain.blogspot.com), I, too, shall join the masses who are placing their ideas and thoughts on the virtual world of the Internet.

Please check this site frequently. Do not be content to sit on the fence rail, slide your seat into the saddle, grab the reins, and ride along with me as we explore the grassy meadowlands, deserts, and high mountain ranges of human thought! Cross with me the ragging rivers of controversy, and share with me the cool, crisp waters of agreement. But watch your back-trail, as such ponderings cannot leave you unchanged.


yo son said...

yea ok how do i do it than and do you have to use pucuation an goo spalin

Becky R. said...

enjoyed reading your blog.. thank you for sending it to me.. how is the family doing.. I hope you all have a great week..